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You’re a founder that needs capital.

We’re founders and investors that help.


Matching to the right resources and at the right time can be daunting. The Investable process enrolls you in precision Capital Strategy. By identifying risk and  amplifying  key drivers, we create breakthrough value for your business. We serve as a proxy for your investors and coach you from our dual founder/funder viewpoint. 



Fundraising is difficult whether you’re experienced or not. It takes valuable time away from focusing on the business and your team.

It doesn't have to be this way.

Investable creates a tailored Capital Roadmap that fits your business, then works alongside you to match to the best investors that fit what you're creating.

Get the right funding at the right time 

and stay focused on your growth. 

Here are examples of how capital strategy and fundraising transformed these businesses:


Venture Capital Fundraise

A SaaS company Founder asked the Investable team to help her raise $5M in venture capital funding, and expected to give up 30% equity for the investment. After going through Due Diligence and getting a Capital Roadmap from Investable, she chose instead to use $1M in debt funding that Investable sourced. She used it to eliminate 3 major risks. Eliminating those risks increased their growth and lowered their expenses which allowed them to self fund $1.5M. Investable then helped her to raise $1M from a strategic investor at a cost of 10% of their equity. After growing through their strategic partner and using those funds to eliminate 2 other major risks, they were able to raise $10M in VC funding at a cost of 15% of their equity.   


They went from $5M for 30% equity to $13.5M for 25% equity and a value-add strategic investor.


Angel Fundraise

A medical device company Founder asked the Investable team to help him raise $3.5M for 25% equity so he could have 18 months of runway. He believed 18 months would be long enough to become profitable. After going through Due Diligence and getting a Capital Roadmap from Investable, he worked with Investable to raise $500k from his existing investors for 5% equity, and combine it with $250k of 12-months-interest-free debt that Investable sourced for him. This allowed him to eliminate 2 major risks, and reduce expenses for 6 months.  Those corrections allowed him to match through Investable with a strategic investor that invested $1.5M 12% and opened up a new distribution channel for them, which resulted in reaching break-even and becoming profitable. 


He went from a plan to reach profitability within 18 months through a $3.5M raise for 25% equity, to reaching profitability in 12 months from a $2M investment that cost 17% equity, and a new distribution channel from a strategic investor. 


Fundraise Alternative

An ecommerce company Founder was struggling to find funding. After going through Due Diligence and getting a Capital Roadmap from Investable, he was able to eliminate 4 risks that were causing investors and debt providers to say no. After solving those 4 risks over 6 months, Investable helped him find a strategic investor that offered to acquire his company instead of invest. 


He went from being unable to raise funding to reaching his goal of being acquired. 

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