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Effectively raising capital from the right investors is about creating clarity, evidence, and connection.

          Clarity is the plan

          Evidence is the proof that you can execute that plan 

          Connection is how founders enroll funders in that plan

Just like every business has risks, every business has gaps in their clarity and evidence, especially earlier-stage companies. We help close those gaps by focusing on

4 key disciplines:

Developing a sophisticated Capital Roadmap. 


  • Proactively fund your growth plan and business goals.

Business Plan

Making sure that your team is aligned, both now and especially as your team grows.



  • Even if there isn’t direct conflict amongst your team, we often find that there are varying forms of misalignment (e.g. 2 people give 2 different answers to the same question - *if we notice, investors will notice).

  • These may be subtle in the early stages, but as the company grows, often the misalignment does too. So we want to be able to surface and address that early on.

Team Meeting

Building a clear and compelling value proposition, that is then targeted to the right type investors.


  • Articulating your raise as a way to increase your company's enterprise value (not just revenues).

  • Make it easy for investors to understand how they’ll make money back on their investment. 

Cheerful Business Meeting

Understanding your risks in both operational and investor terms, and creating plans to mitigate them.


  • Investors are used to companies either being unaware, or actively trying to hide risks in their business. Being cognizant and transparent around both your premiums and discounts goes a long way in creating trust with funders. 

  • This means solving the problems that you can on your own as early on as possible, but also acknowledging the risks where you need to enroll the resources of others. 

  • Investors love it when they can add leverage beyond just writing a check.

Team Meeting

Outcomes from the process of becoming Investable

  • A clear capital and growth roadmap - We help you know (and clearly explain) your growth roadmap and the capital structures you’ll use to fund your goals.

  • A strong, aligned team - We help your team engineer alignment  about where you’re going and pull together to get there. 

  • A clear value proposition for investors - We help you build clarity and evidence for your most important investment opportunities, and make it easy for investors to understand why you’re a good investment. 

  • Known risks and mitigation strategies - We help you find the risks that could keep you from executing on growth and fundraising, and build mitigation strategies to make your company durable and valuable.

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