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All Hands In

Investable is a platform built to harness human potential

Investable is a platform built to harness human potential 

Our values drive everything we do. 

Precision execution: Call our shots and be impeccable with our word

Empathy & support: Authenticity paired with empathy creates breakthroughs

Human-centered capital: Invest in humans, because humans scale infinitely

Abundance mindset: Create value before capturing value

Growth mindset: Never stop learning and improving 

Create leaders: Every person we work with leaves a better leader and manager

Eat our own dogfood: Never tell someone to do something we don’t do ourselves

Systems = quality & efficiency: Cause valuable outcomes and reduce marginal costs.

Communication principles at Investable


We communicate to create shared understanding 

Shared understanding creates coordinated action 

Coordinated action creates extraordinary results 

You are responsible for the experience a Founder or Funder has with Investable 

In each interaction, you are setting expectations for our work together

Managing expectations is an ongoing practice

Use regular check-ins to ensure shared understanding 

Treat communication breakdowns as opportunities to learn and improve



Deal flow can be incredibly inefficient, largely random, ineffective, and tiring


It doesn't have to be.


We work with you to understand your unique investment preferences for high deal fit matches. 

We want to know how you see the world and what you're looking for. 

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