We’re entrepreneurs and investors and have a deep understanding of what it’s like to sit on both sides of the table. 

We’ve built and scaled companies and teams, raised and invested capital, and we’ve developed an approach that brings our experience to your venture.

Meet The Team

Christopher Pagels

CEO / Co-Founder

Christopher is an investor and entrepreneur with a deep background in launching, scaling, and investing in startup companies. After exiting his first medical device company, he has helped launch, advised, and invested in over 100 companies over the last 10 years, and guided dozens of investments and acquisitions. With a background in bioengineering, Christopher brings a systems approach to building and financing companies in the eCommerce, clean technology, and medical technology industries. He advises portfolio companies on strategic direction, advises on M&A and investment strategies, develops strategic partnerships, and assists in addressing key operational and strategic issues that may inhibit growth and fundraising. What makes Christopher happiest is dreaming with his eyes open and helping others do the same.

Ryan Shepherd

Chief Operations Officer/ Co-Founder

Ryan brings over 2 decades of experience to the Investable team and its clients in entrepreneurism, product development, supply chain management and operations. Ryan has started or worked on dozens of businesses with multiple exits and intimately understands what founders are going through as they are starting and growing their new business. Ryan has lived and worked in Europe, Asia and Africa creating products and businesses working with both for-profit and non-profit organizations. His philosophy is that with the right tools and opportunities everyone has the potential to create opportunities and provide for themselves. He has is currently a board member of the Utah Solar Energy Association and the Never Again Foundation. Ryan holds an MBA from Southern Utah University and Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Megan is an Investor, Analyst, and Entrepreneur. Over the years, she has invested in over 15 companies, analyzed hundreds more and started an e-commerce business. She has also worked with Sorenson Impact Center and Quatere where she mapped the founder and investor landscape for manufacturers in the Greater Salt Lake area. While at the Technology Venture and Commercialization office of the University of Utah, she modeled various commercialization plans for the Cleantech space. Megan holds a BS in Entrepreneurship from the University of Utah.

Megan Scaglione

Head of Funder Relations / Co-Founder

Andrew Pagels

Head of Portfolio & Success / Co-Founder

Andrew is a bio-engineer by training, and an entrepreneur and investor by practice. He’s founded, co-founded, advised, or invested in 100+ companies in the last 6 years, and has weaved entrepreneurship, management, and engineering backgrounds together to bring a systems-driven and results-oriented approach to the often-messy world of starting and growing companies. Andrew excels at helping founders explore what’s possible, articulate those goals, and break down the barriers that stand between them and success.

Matt Behrend

Chief Revenue Officer

Matt has strong expertise creating phenomenal customer buying experiences that scale. He has lead efforts building marketing and sales from the ground up in companies that are creating product-market fit, as well as late-stage companies that know their customer and wish to grow faster. His superpower is using the process of building for growth to drive clearer product-market fit, and clarify the stories, branding, positioning, and messaging required for high growth. Matt has held key executive roles leading growth and experience at 3 companies that have been acquired and has successfully raised venture capital 4 times for his own companies.

Jainee has spent over 15 years as a media producer and creative strategist on a multitude of projects in film, photography, and web design for clients like Nike, Filson, and Patagonia. She's an experienced speaker and entrepreneur and co-founded WYLDER, the first female-founded Benefit Corporation in the state of Utah. She's also the co-founder of adventure travel company, Nomad, and co-founder of the non-profit, B-Rad Foundation. Jainee is a community-builder captivated by the ever-evolving intersection of creativity, mindfulness, and entrepreneurship. She's dedicated her career to using media and design tools to amplify businesses and organizations tackling inequity, sustainability, and regenerative enterprise.

Daniel Lemaire

Head of Research 

Bio coming soon...

Jainee Dial

Head of Brand & Creative

Wylie Kimball

Data Analyst

As a young entrepreneur, Wylie strives to provide innovative ideas to the ever-changing world of business. He has worked with several start-up companies in the Salt Lake Valley, leveraging his ability to adapt proven methods and procedures to find harmony with the goal and vision of the companies he is helping. While currently seeking a BS in Quantitative Analysis of Markets and Organizations at the University of Utah, Wylie is looking to empower others through the use of data-science and creative strategy to provide real solutions that matter.

David Ezekiel Brooks

Project Manager

David Ezekiel comes to us with a background in design engineering with an emphasis in psychology of consciousness. In his career, he has been an aerospace, product, architectural engineer, COO and CEO working on world renowned projects, all while also consulting and launching 12 businesses and non-profit organizations. His big-thinking sees the full picture and the microscopic details simultaneously to provide feasible innovative strategies that move the needle towards the collective goal. When not in the office helping companies increase revenue and EBITDA, you can find him making music, dancing, performing spoken word poetry, creating immersive art experiences, meditating, or on a mission to get lost in nature in search of hot springs and adventure. 







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